Google AdSense requirements

Google AdSense requirements
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Nowadays it becomes tougher to get AdSense approval in the blog or a website, day by day Google is upgrading the policies which makes the user's difficulty high to get approval. But you know what google only looks for the unique content if the users write unique content to the blogger or website he or she definitely get AdSense approval. Some other features also affect in the AdSense approval, let us understand in brief the google Adsense requirements:
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Google AdSense requirements

The uniqueness of the article:
The uniqueness of the article is the major part of the approval process because users can only get approval when his content is 100 % unique and their own words. Most of the users thinks that by spinning the article and making it 100 % unique will result in the approval, not at all, Google is not a fool, google know everything.  Google knows which content is real and which content is made by spinning or made by any unique article generator software. So before writing choose a topic and analyze completely and then write on that particular topic.
Buying a domain
Buying a domain is a necessary part for the approval process because the free domain not works all the time, many domains are available online and selecting the perfect domain will help the user to get the AdSense approval faster, google mostly prefers .com domain but other domains also work.
Choosing a perfect theme or template
Choosing a perfect theme or template also affects a lots because blogger theme is not enough to get approved, many free and paid theme are available online but the right selection of the theme is quite difficult because many themes is not SEO friendly, so a good research is must be done before applying to the blogger or in WordPress.
Creating the basic pages:
Creating the basic pages is very necessary and also performs an important part in getting AdSense approval, basic pages include a privacy policy, disclaimer, contact us, about us pages. By creating all these pages and also the above steps the user blog or website is ready for the AdSense approval.

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