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SEO blog

SEO blog is an important part in ranking the blog because doing seo in blog your blog will come in search result of google and many more search engines. Some of the important seo tips we will discuss in this article:

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SEO blog

Basic setting in the blog:
Start with the basic setting, first start with the title of the blog, put the title of the blog in which the blog has made, now come to the description part, user have to write a max of 500 character description of the blog

By selecting the next option that is the https is very necessary because google always recommends https, simply a user have to select the option yes. In order to rank and getting approval for the AdSense in the blog or any website https is very necessary.

By doing the above option in the basic section, the first step of the SEO part is complete. Now come to the next SEO steps:

Language and formatting:
Language and formatting is the next step of seo, some of the important changes like the language and the preferable language is  English ( united states), time zone in the the country time has to be selected.

Search preferences:
Search preferences is the important part of seo because this option helps the blog to rank in the google and other search engine, first option is the meta tags in which the meta description is to be feed, now the question arises that what is meta tag description 

The above description of the website is the meta tag of the blog. The meta tag description is of 150 character maximum.
After this steps edit the cutom robots.txt,in order to edit the robots.txt go to the url of your blog and write /robots.txt after the url

The above texts will open in the new window,copy all the text and paste it to the robots.txt and save it. The next step is to edit the custom robots header tags,go to the edit and select the following tags as shown in the given picture

The above steps are the basics steps of the SEO blog.

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